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Insight Overview

Insight Dashboard

Standard Site Navigation

Basic Search Syntax

Free Form Search

Faceted Search

Tracked Search

Power Search

Saving Searches

Using Aliases for Searching

Communication Tools

Advanced Settings: Case Sensitivity, Diacritics, and Stemming

Viewing Documents

Coding Documents

Accessing Documents

Redaction System (Convert and Redact)

Dynamic Folders

Redaction System (Via the Viewer)

Print Jobs

Charts & Reports

Table Displays



Setting Up Dynamic Folders

Batching Documents

Fields Administration

Updating Collections

Review Projects Admin

Site Creation

Search Aliases

Production Module

Advanced Search

Editing Forms

Setting up Review Forms

Search Fields

Field Aliases

Highlight Administration

Lookup Admin

Redaction Administration

Security Groups


User Administration

Document Audit Trail Report

User Audit Trail Report

Bulk OCR

Bulk Converting and Locking

Review Projects Reporting

Updating Fields

Introduction to Insight Predict and TAR

Predict Project Setup

Predict Project Reporting

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