Selecting Production Criteria

The records to be included in your production should be based on a production document folder. If you have questions about using any of these features, contact Catalyst Support.

  1. Start by creating a folder for your production. Then copy the documents to be produced into that folder using the Copy to Folder option.

In copying documents, you have the option to included document families. Select the Include Related/ Attached checkbox to make sure families of documents are included for production.

  1. Check the folder contents or search output carefully to ensure the correct records have been selected before submitting your production.

Catalyst does not check production record sets to make sure that families are included or to determine whether they include privileged or confidential information. Please make sure you have checked this carefully.

  1. Choose the appropriate sort order for the records in the production. These can generally be based on any sortable field maintained in your underlying database.

We typically sort by control numbers. We provide up to five levels of sorting in a standard production. Other grouping and sorting methods (e.g. by special folders) require special production techniques and will incur extra charges.

  1. If you want to include attachments/related files in the production, please choose that option when you copy the files to the production folder. We do not add attachments/related files to your production later as a matter of course, nor do we check to make sure they have been included.