Report and Charts

Manage the project and access information about the project in the Predict Dashboard. Open your project and click Dashboard to view overall project statistics. Information is available on each of the tabs:



Review Statistics

The information at the Review Statistics tab includes:

Daily Richness

This report is used to help review managers manage their review teams and know when to stop the review based on the richness observation. The richness is calculated on a daily basis so the manager can compare current richness against the historical high-water mark.

As Predict feeds the most likely relevant documents to the review team first, the richness percentage will be high because the reviewers are reviewing mostly relevant documents. As the project progresses, the manager will notice the richness percentage will start to decrease because the reviewers are running out of relevant documents. This chart helps them follow the pattern and make educated decisions on when to stop a review.

The calculation table shows the number of documents reviewed, how many are relevant and the calculated richness. This is shown for each day of the review.

Below the table is the bar chart, which is an illustration of the increasing and decreasing richness percentage per day.



High Ranked Positive Terms Tab

Click the High Ranked Positive Terms tab to review a list of the top 10,000 highest-ranked terms in the document collection. This list can be useful when you are looking for key words in your data. Notice that the terms might change dramatically when you compare earlier rankings to later ones, especially if new types of documents are introduced into the collection and ranked.

Top Ranked Docs by Custodian Tab

Click the Top Ranked Docs By Custodian tab to display this chart, which shows the custodians with the most highly ranked documents.