Managing Insight Fields

Before setting up your site, it is key that you know about the fields that are available to you in Insight. We provide more than 250 fields within Insight. This section describes the Fields.

Some fields are required by the system, while others require values be populated upon data loading to make use of all Insight functionality.

For a printable list of all fields available in Insight, download the Insight Fields List. Information about the fields is available on that document, but more details are provided below.

Field Name

The Name of a field usually indicates the typical use of the field. In many cases, it takes two words to name the field, but the Name cannot contain spaces (e.g., ByteCount AccessedDate).

Required Fields

The Fields List contains fields that are required (indicated with a black asterisk):

BegControl and BegAtt can be any combination of letters and numbers you choose including underscore, dash and space characters. Custodian requires a value but may be labeled “Unknown”. DocPath should be exact and match the files you are submitting.

Key System Fields

Although not mandatory, we recommend including the listed Key System Fields (also indicated with a black asterisk).

DocDate is required for timeline functions or for the communication tools to work properly. If you don’t have a date, submit a null value.

FileExtension is required for Insight to display file types on the results pages. If Subcollection is left blank, it will default to general. AttachmentCount is a useful value to let users know how many documents are in a family. Hash values are used to identify duplicate records.

EndControl and EndAtt values are not required but can be useful and come standard with most loads. IDXpath is used when you submit a separate text file along with the native and want the text file indexed.

Key Email Fields

Some fields marked with a red asterisk on the Fields List are necessary for communication tools to work properly.

Field Categories

The other categories of fields are described at Fields Administration.

Date Fields

Date fields typically associated to documents may include DocDate, CreateDate, SentDate ReceiveDate, and DocModDate. The main field is DocDate.

In order to make searching easier and to ensure Insight's communication tools work properly, Catalyst runs a  process on every upload we receive to ensure the DocDate field is populated. When it is not populated, our system looks for null values in the DocDate field. If it finds no value, it updates the field with the date from one of the following fields, searching these fields in this order:

Date Fields and Facets

In order to search date fields with ranges (Date greater than one date and less than another date), there must be a facet built on the field. Submit a request to the Catalyst Project Consultant or Resolution Center to have a facet made on a field.

Date/Time Fields

Date/Time fields are fields that capture the date of the document and the time. This can be very important when looking at emails and the date/time the email was sent or received. The format for these date/time values is:


Example: 2015-01-24 11:09:03 AM