Maintenance Window Policy

The Catalyst data centers hold hundreds of servers loaded with a variety of software packages along with numerous other network devices (load balancers, storage devices, firewalls, routers, etc.) All of them need upgrading and maintenance work periodically.

While our goal is to provide continuous service to our clients, we are regularly required to conduct service maintenance and upgrades. This maintenance may require an interruption in service.

Regular Maintenance Window

The following are the reserved times for regular maintenance windows:

This window can be used for a variety of purposes including software and hardware upgrades, system additions, file system maintenance, etc.

In many cases the maintenance work will not cause service interruptions. When service interruption is expected, our policy is to send an email notification to administrators and place a notice in the application login page.

We may initiate a maintenance window at a different day and time if circumstances require it. Typically this would occur on a weekend during the late evening and early morning. We will provide 24-hour notice to site administrators by placing a maintenance notification on the Insight site login pages.

Emergency Maintenance Windows

We reserve the right to conduct emergency maintenance windows at any time, with or without notice. Emergency maintenance windows are extremely rare and are initiated if there is an unexpected issue causing problems with our service.

If we declare an Emergency Maintenance Window, we will provide notice on the sites (if possible) and email site administrators.