Getting Started

Insight is Catalyst’s innovative e-discovery platform, engineered for the demanding requirements of modern litigation. Use this Documentation Center to find information on a wide range of features. Within your site, the features available to you depend on your permissions.

To log in to Catalyst Insight, use the link provided by your administrator or go to the Catalyst website: In the top of the page, click Login and then Login to Insight.

You will be prompted for your Username and Password. Catalyst occasionally provides important notices through the login interface.

Browser Information

Access to Catalyst Insight requires the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a PC or Mac computer. Using any other browser or device (tablet, iPad, phone, etc.) may result in unexpected behavior and/or system errors. Insight is blocked from opening in Internet Explorer.

Clearing the Cache

We encourage you to clear your browser's cache after new releases to the Insight application.

In Chrome, go to the Chrome Settings button in the top right of the page. Point to History and then click History; next, select Clear browsing data. Chrome allows you to choose the activities you want to clear and the date range.

In Firefox, click the Firefox Settings button in the top right of the page. Click History and select Clear Recent History. Firefox also allows you to chose the activities you want to clear and the date range.

Working in Multiple Sites

If you need to work in more than one site in Insight, you can do this using the Incognito Window feature. Click the New incognito window in the Chrome Settings menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N.

If you use Firefox, click File and select New Private Window.

Viewing PDFs

The Chrome browser provides a built-in reader for viewing PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) records from within the browser. Chrome does not support the Adobe Acrobat Plugin.

The Firefox browser uses your default PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader.