Forms Administration

Administrators with rights to add, edit and delete the Document Display forms are associated to a role with the EditReviewForms permission.

Most sites have standard forms, which were cloned and edited during site creation. Forms are assigned to a Role and can be assigned to more than one Role. See the Roles section for more information.

Adding fields to a form should be completed before you create rules for associated (dependent) fields or include form shortcuts (macro buttons for reviewers that code forms automatically).

Create, Copy, Edit and Delete Form

To create a new review form for users, expand the Forms (name of form you are currently in) menu in an opened record, and click the New button.



Name your form, select the Roles to associate to the form, and, when needed, ensure upon save, the form applies rules to override any inconsistencies.



Find your form in the list of forms, and click the Edit (Pencil) button to customize your form. This is also the way to edit any other existing forms You can also edit and delete forms using the buttons in the form row.



The types of fields available include:


If the field you are adding is associated with a lookup table, the Lookup List button is displayed. (This is the list of values available for reviewers to select). Use the Lookup List Edit (pencil) button to view or change values in the list.

To make a field required, select the Make this field required checkbox so that users cannot save the document unless they populate the field. Required fields appear in the form shaded in red with an asterisk.

When you are ready to place the new field in your form, click the Submit button.