Filling out the Site Setup Worksheet

To get started, download the Site Setup Worksheet and fill out the first sections: General Information and Billing Information.

The next sections of the workbook are what we use to prepare your site.

Site Creation

By default, when an email is converted to PDF, the time zone used is based upon the time settings of the Catalyst servers in Denver (Mountain Time Zone). This can lead to discrepancies between what is displayed in the opened document and what was extracted during processing. The time zone can be overwritten and set to a preferred time zone displayed in the PDF view of a document. To do this, Expand the Time Zone menu and select the appropriate time during site setup.

All sites are cloned from other sites. Name the site to clone and select the information you want to clone. You do not have to clone all items but it may save you some time if you select these options.

You can clone all users from another site, or list specific users. We typically clone the default Security Group, but if you are cloning a site with multiple Security Groups, it may be useful to clone those.

All sites cloned from the Catalyst Standard Model site have a default Review Form, and this form is available when the site is created. All users added to the site will have permissions to the form (named Review).

Site Settings

  1. The Time Zone ID field is defaulted to Mountain Standard Time. This is because the time zone is based upon the time settings of the Catalyst servers.

  1. The Tag All checkbox is an option for Related and Duplicate documents. It can be selected, cleared or disabled on your site. If it is selected before a user saves changes to a document, all documents in the relationship will receive the update to the coding once the user saves the document. If your site is an Predict site, we do not turn on Tag All. Reviewers need to code and save each record individually to enact the most meaningful assisted review training of the documents on your site. You may decide not to allow reviewers to use the Tag All checkbox for duplicate documents, as tagging duplicates may lead to conflicts.

  1. Predict should only be turned on if you will be using it.

  2. At the Foreign Language section, select Yes if any of the documents on the site will have foreign languages, and Catalyst will turn on language detection when necessary. Otherwise, select No. When the language cannot be detected in a document, a default language should be used for searching purposes. Provide the language if it is not English. If the documents contain, for example, Japanese and Korean with more Japanese-language documents than Korean, set the language to Japanese. Tokenization will be implemented.

Note: It is important to realize that when documents are converted through the Insight user interface, there are certain conversion defaults set for your site. If Catalyst is doing your processing, the settings will match your production specifications. If Catalyst is not doing the processing, we use our default settings (see the Conversion Settings Workbook for more information). If you would like to change any of the settings or if you have any questions, contact your Catalyst Project Consultant.

Initial Users

Finally within the Site Setup Worksheet, list up to five users to be set up initially in the site by entering their information at Initial Users list. If you are working with a Catalyst Partner, add that information. If you are not, leave it blank.

All users are associated to a role. This establishes their permissions within the site. In the Role field, use one of the following categories: