Catalyst Insight Certified Demonstrator

The Catalyst Certified Demonstration program is designed for our partner professionals and provides them with the skills to successfully demonstrate the Insight application to potential clients.

Anyone who successfully completes the program will have the designation of Catalyst Insight Certified Demonstrator.

We intend to provide trainees with a comprehensive understanding of the Insight system, all of its features and functionality, as well as its best use. In order to become an expert on the system, participants should study and know the curriculum and demo scripts that will be provided in addition to the training provided by Catalyst.


In order to be eligible for a Certified Demonstrator Certification, it is recommended that participants first complete training on the Insight platform. This training will include a live session with a Catalyst trainer. Those who attend this training will continue with the on-line portion of the Certified Demonstrator.

Main Topics:

  • Value Proposition and Selling Points
  • Catalyst Information
  • Catalyst Services
  • Site Setup Considerations (options, private field sites, etc.)
  • Demo scenarios
  • Demo scripts
  • FAQs

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