Catalyst Insight Certified Administrator

The Catalyst Insight Certified Administrator program has been designed for those clients and partners, who have passed the Certified User course, the opportunity to master the administrative features of Catalyst Insight. The course is designed especially for those users who will be responsible for managing, customizing and organizing the site. The Administrators are the people responsible for the security of the site and the user permissions.

Catalyst Insight Certified Administrator is entirely online, self-paced, and allows you to earn your Insight Administrator credentials within a few hours. Composed of several sections and exams, the course is designed to be user friendly and informative. After successful completion of the course, you earn the Certified Administrator designation.

Prerequisite: Before taking this course, you must first successfully pass the Certified User curriculum. Register for Certified User >>

The training will cover many different administrative functions and features. The below list is by no means exhaustive, instead it serves as a hint to the things you will learn by participating in the course. Some of the main administrative topics you can expect training on include:

  • Properly manage and host sites
  • Run and administer Review Projects
  • Control site customization
  • Administer user permissions and security
  • Bulk actions, the Insight Dashboard, and audit reports

You must have successfully completed the Catalyst Insight Certified User program in order to register for this course. If you have not completed that course, please register here.

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