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The Catalyst Training team is dedicated to improving your experience with our applications. Our belief is that the more you know about our products and how to use them, the more successful you will be. At Catalyst, along with our standard end-user training, partner training, videos and other training resources, we provide many certification courses for you and your teams.

After training, we survey our students. Here's what they have to say...

  • "The Catalyst Training Program does indeed prepare you for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of e-discovery. Through the training, you become confident in your newly learned skills and abilities with regards to providing excellent support to your clients."
  • "Overall, one of the best training programs I have seen. The videos were particularly helpful, as was the mock demo and subsequent feedback."
  • "The mock demos were great. Seeing the instruction and then a mock demo to a client really works."
  • "Excellent program. Easy to use and highly intuitive."
Our certification programs are targeted toward different groups. Additional information about each certification program is available below.

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This program is for people who will be working on Predict projects in the administrative capacity. Topics of this program are:

  • Technology Assisted Review and the benefits of the Catalyst Predict system
  • Predict dashboard, stages, and mechanics of the module
  • Workflow of Predict
  • Reports, metrics and validation of the ranking process
  • Case studies from Predict projects

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This program is for everyone using Insight. The goal of the program is to train you on what you need to know to navigate and review documents, search and analyze documents, take actions like print, export and folder, run reports and use Insight charts.

  • Learn how to search in Insight, cull data, and perform early case assessment.
  • Become familiar with different ways to Review in order to make the best review strategy decisions.
  • Make folders, redact, print and export data and documents.
  • Learn how to use the built-in reporting tools offered in Insight, like communications tracker.

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This program is for those who will be responsible for managing, customizing and organizing the site. They will be responsible for the security of the site and the user permissions.

  • There are decisions to make on site set-up and this course is designed to help you make the right decisions for your needs.
  • Security, roles and permissions are an important part of being in charge of a site. You will learn the details of each option so that your users have access to the right documents and the right functionality.
  • Culling, locking, converting and organizing documents are all functions that admins do to ease the review burden and streamline the production process. This functionality will be covered so that you can manage your case effectively.
  • Using administrative tools like highlight administration, lookups, search and field aliases and other functionality are key to giving users the best possible tools to do their work.
  • The Insight Review Project module is vital to running staged reviews. This program will teach you how to set up, and manage projects and report on progress.

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This program is for those who will be selling Insight or showing it to prospective clients.

  • Learn the key selling points of Insight as well as the way to demonstrate it to prospective clients.
  • The value proposition of Insight, the company of Catalyst, and the way the key functionality works, are all covered in this program.

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For people who will be conducting review on Insight, this course covers very basic search and how to redact, code, view, create displays, and other tasks associated with reviewing documents.

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