Catalyst Insight Certified User

What is Certified User?

The Catalyst Insight Certified User program provides our partners and clients with the necessary skills to effectively use Insight. This web-based program will teach you the basics of working within Insight. It is a self-paced program with a one-month completion period. After successful completion of the course, users will earn the designation of Catalyst Insight Certified User.

The Training

The course is entirely online and Catalyst will provide you access to all the materials you need to successfully complete the program. The course is designed to give you a strong base for working (as a non-administrator) in Insight. By taking this course, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate within Insight and settings
  • Access folders and documents
  • Conduct reviews 
  • Customize displays 
  • Perform searches using different search modules 
  • Learn Insight search syntax 
  • Redact documents 
  • Create reports and charts 
  • Use communications tools
  • Take and monitor actions, such as bulk printing  

The training program is modular so that you can learn topics one at a time and build upon the topics you learn. It is broken into sessions with each session ending in an exam. There are numerous training exercises and videos, and plenty of study material. To advance from one session to the next, a user must pass the session’s exam. Once a user has passed the final exam, they are considered to have successfully completed the Catalyst Insight Certified User program. To find out more, register below.

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