Catalyst Insight Certified Predict

What is Certified Predict?

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is an evolving asset for clients and partners interested in cutting costs and speeding up their discovery processes. Catalyst offers Catalyst Insight, a user-controlled tool, which provides continuous ranking and is the most effective application available for predictive coding.

The Catalyst Insight Certified Predict program is designed for partner and client professionals who want to become experts in using Insight Predict.

The Training

This is an online program consisting of a few hours of video learning and a one-hour exam for certification. The program provides information on machine learning and the best methods for using Catalyst Insight. It includes how to use Insight Predict as an administrator running projects in the application, covering many administrative functions and features.

Topics include:

  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Using the Predict module
  • Case studies using Predict
  • Workflow of Predict projects
  • Best practices using Predict

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