Review Projects Administration

Insight’s Review Projects offers a flexible, yet powerful environment for both simple and complex review workflows. Reviewer and system-based actions combine to move documents from stage to stage and reviewer to reviewer.

Administrators with rights to manage review projects are assigned to a Role given the AdministerReviewModule permission.

You can set up a simple, linear review project or a review project that has multiple stages of review and has rules to dictate where documents go next in the review project. You will also be able to monitor the overall progress of the review and the activities of individual reviewers.

Why Use Review Projects?

Structuring your review using Review Projects is especially useful if your matter requires specialized teams of reviewers, multiple stages of a review project, and detailed reports on the review progress and individual reviewers.

Your Catalyst Project Consultant can help you determine which review method works best for your needs. Using Review Projects, you can ensure that the right reviewers get the right documents in the correct sequence.

As the Review Administrator, you are typically responsible for adding and removing reviewers, copying documents into the project/stages, establishing rules for the document workflow and creating reports. Perhaps your review uses contract attorneys and paralegals for the first level of review who will code for privilege and responsiveness. If there are multi-language documents, those documents may need to be reviewed by foreign-language attorneys who will code for privilege and responsiveness of the foreign documents. The responsive documents may then need to be reviewed for specific issues requiring analysis by experts knowledgeable in the facts of the case. You may decide to have a QC stage after all documents have been routed through the first level of review and then a QC stage prior to production. Once your projects and stages and rules are completed, your reviewers can begin their review.

Reviewers simply log in to the site, click the Review Projects button and the stage in which they need to work. As they work through their documents, the coding they apply dictates where the documents go next within the project; therefore, the right teams of reviewers get the right documents, because the system automatically routes documents to subsequent review teams or considers them completed if no conditions exist to send them to another stage of review.