Review Module and Prioritized Review

Many reviews in Insight take place via Review Projects. As the documents are reviewed, Predict ranks the rest of the non-reviewed population. It doesn’t matter what stage the reviewers are reviewing in, and it doesn’t matter how the Review Project workflow was set up.

With Review Projects, you can create a stage of the review that works directly with Insight Predict, so that the documents fed to the reviewers come from the ranked population, in ranked order. We call this Prioritized Review because the most relevant documents are the highest ranked and pulled by the reviewers first.

To review documents in rank order, the stage in the Review Project has to be set up as a Predict stage.

On the Self-Assignment Options tab, select the Insight Predict radio button and the name of the Predict project. Only documents that are assigned to the stage and in the designated Predict project collection will be given to the reviewer. The majority of these documents will be highly-ranked documents, but Insight Predict will also select some contextually diverse documents.

Contextually diverse documents are documents that are different from documents that Predict is familiar with. These documents contain new words (for the most part) and therefore, they are more difficult to rank. By pulling samples of contextually diverse documents, Predict not only learns faster, but it might also discover important documents that otherwise would not have been found.

If you want only highly ranked documents to be sent to the review team, select High Ranking Documents Only, which will exclude contextually diverse documents.

All documents in the project collection that are reviewed are immediately fed to Predict for continuous learning and ranking.