Insight December 1, 2017 Release

Today, we are releasing enhancements to Insight. Release notes were sent to all of our Insight administrators yesterday. The release notes are located on our Support Site here.

Questions often arise when we have changes. We’ve received a couple so far and for the benefit of all, they are posted below:

Question: Regarding the enhancement “Remove Docs from Production Folders”, can you only remove documents from Production folders that you created?

Answer No. In Insight, if you have the permission to use productions, you can use Remove From Folder on any production.

The key point about this release and Remove From Folder is that prior to this release, if you had documents you needed to remove from the folder for reasons like errors, or red flags, if you selected the documents from the Status section of the Production Module, you didn’t have an easy way to remove those documents from the production. This prohibited you from being able to run the production because you have to clear all problems before the Run button is enabled.

With this release, you can click on those problematic documents, remove them from the production (maybe copy them to a folder too, in order to deal with them later when you have more time), and run the production. In this example, there is a privileged document I want to remove from the production; Rather than approve it, I can simply click the red number and then use Remove From Folder in the table.

Question: Regarding the Print and Export jobs enhancement, when I go to run my next job, can I use the settings from another user or just the jobs that I created?

Answer: The list under Reuse Settings From Recent Jobs will show only those that you created.

If you have additional questions on this release, please email

P.S. Don’t forget to clear your cache after an Insight Release!