New Viewer, New Highlights

Have you had a chance to check out the highlights in our new viewer? You can see highlights your admin selected but you can also add your own. And, you can find patterns.

Here is an example of how someone might use them: An attorney is tasked with taking the deposition of Peter Tierney. She runs a search to find what she can. Some of the documents are large so she wants the name to highlight so she can quickly access the location of the name.

She simply enters the name in the Find box, click Enter and has that name in her highlight set until she deletes it.


With the View Selected feature, she can jump to the snippet where the word is located and quickly get to that page of the document.


The pattern-based highlights bring attention to things like social security numbers or email addresses.


This is just one of the new features we’ve recently added to Insight. For more, contact us at