Rules Administration in Forms Admin

In Forms Administration, when setting up a form, what is the checkbox that asks “Run all field rules before the form is saved to maintain coding integrity.”


Sometimes when Rules are created on forms, they conflict with coding that is being applied to the form. We provide you with a way to decide what takes precedence–the Rule or the coding.

Currently, if you have a form with a Rule on it, such as….

If ReviewStatus is coded Responsive update the Confidential field to Confidential. 

But, you have a reviewer who wants to make the document “Responsive” and the Confidential field “HighlyConfidential”. This is a conflict between the rule and the coding. The user will see a warning that there is a conflict between the two but, he can ignore the warning, click Save, and override the rule.

Administrators can make sure that the rule is not overwritten – despite what the user selects. All she has to do is select the checkbox – Run all field rules before the form is saved to maintain coding integrity. This will ensure that the user will never be able to save a value that is inconsistent with the form rule. In this example, all documents marked as ReviewStatus “Reviewed” will always have “Confidential” in the Confidential field.

Something important and worth noting: let’s say you select “Responsive” and “HighlyConfidential” and you are allowed to override the rule (in other words, the Adminsitrator did NOT check the box at “Run all field rules before the form is saved to maintain coding integrity“).

The record is saved as “Responsive” and “HighlyConfidential” . When someone goes to view that record and the form, even though the value “HighlyConfidential” is the true value in that field, the value ON THE FORM, shows “Confidential”.

Why? Because the Rule is trying to change the coding. As a person looking at the form, this can be confusing. But, we turn the field yellow in the form so that it jumps out at the reviewer. There is also a yellow indicator at the bottom of the form to show that a field has been changed (even though the person looking at the record did not edit anything). The rule changed the field to the value that it should be – but it’s important to realize that it isn’t saved yet.


Hover over the yellow indicator at the bottom to see what field was changed and the value that was changed on the form. Click Save to save the change.

In the screenshot above, notice the value in the field (i.e. HighlyConfidential). But, notice the form shows the Confidential value. It changed because the rule sees the Responsive value in the ReviewStatus field, so changes that value and when you go to another document, it prompts you to save it.