Finding Documents That Once Had Redacted Versions

Within your site, you can find records that have never been redacted, that currently have redacted versions, and that did have, but now do not have, redacted versions.

Information about a record redacted within the Insight platform is stored in the HasRedactions field. This is a True/False field, but because Insight is XML based, there are three ways to search this field depending upon your goal.

If a record does not currently have a redacted version and has never had a redacted version, it is returned using this search:

HasRedactions = “”

In other words, the HasRedactions field is empty and has always been empty.

This search returns records that currently have stored redacted versions:

HasRedactions = “True”

Once a record has a redacted version, the HasRedaction field is automatically updated to “True.”

But, what if you want to find records that had redactions but the redactions were deleted? Use this search string:

HasRedactions = “False”

What is the difference between empty/null and False? Once the HasRedactions field becomes “True,” it will automatically update to “False” if the redacted version is deleted. It will not, however, revert to empty/null. Because of these three different values, you can see how easy it is to use this one field (HasRedactions) to find documents based upon their redaction status.