What do we mean by AnyText?

Insight’s sophisticated search engine takes you literally. It searches where and what you tell it.

The most inclusive search is the AnyText search. This searches all the fields and all the document text for the keywords or phrases you establish. Let’s think of searching in Insight using a simple example.

Suppose you are looking for running shoes, and you’d like to find either Asics or Reeboks. If Insight were your search engine and you enter:

Running Shoes: “Asics” or “Reeboks”

Insight will search the field Running Shoes for Asics and then search everywhere (AnyText) for the word Reeboks. In this simple example, imagine the results including Asics running shoes or all Reebok items (running shoes, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.). You can see that this can be too broad for your needs.

To narrow your search to a specific field, remember to use the field name between the connectors. This tells Insight you don’t want it to look everywhere within each document for a value; instead, you only want it to look at field or fields you designate.

Author: “smith” OR Author: “jones”

Or use shortcuts:

Author: [“smith” “jones”]

There are just a couple, and our shortcuts are easy to remember, but in case you forget, check out the Insight Search Quick Guide.

And remember, you can always use the Insight Search Assist to build the searches for you. It is available in all Search modes.