Common Question: If families are kept together in a Review Project on Insight, how are the rules followed and where do the documents end up?

For example, I have three documents in the family. The three documents are coded this way:

  • Parent Doc, #1, Not Privileged and Not Responsive
  • Child Doc, #2, Not Privileged and For Further Review
  • Child Doc, #3, Privileged and Responsive

The project is set up so that the documents go in BegControl order. (So, for purposes of this example, in the order above #1, #2, #3).

The project rules are:

  • Rule 1 – if the doc is Privileged, send it to the Privileged stage of the project.
  • Rule 2 – if the doc is Responsive, send it to the QC stage

What stage does that family end up in?

It follows the rules, no matter what! 

The system looks at the whole family and sees if Rule 1 is met. If it is, then the whole family goes to that designation. If Rule 1 is not met, it goes to Rule 2, and looks to see if any family member meets Rule 2, and so on.

So, for our example above, all 3 documents go to the Privileged stage because one member in the family met the first rule.

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