Question? How do I know what documents have gone through a review project in Insight?

Someone asked this question the other day because she needed to remove documents from her site but only the documents that never went through a review project. She wanted to hibernate the documents to save on storage cost.

Documents that go through Review Projects in Insight will have a value in the FolderID field that starts with rp. The easiest way to figure out what documents have been through a review project is to search that field for documents with an rp value.


To find those that have never been in a Review Project, run this search…


If you want to find documents that have gone through a particular project, use the chart in the dashboard. Click on the project and it will run the search for the proper FolderID number.


Notice the search at the top of the results page. For this project, rp_910 is the FolderID number.