Insight Hint! Finding Redacted Documents

Finding documents with redactions is easy in Insight. There are some important fields to remember: HasRedactions and RedactionText. 

Use HasRedactions to find documents with redactions. It’s a true/false fields so use…..


to find all documents with a finalized redaction. Use the NOT connector in front to find those without redactions:


Or, use the minus sign in front, rather than the word “not”.


What if you want to find all of the documents with the word “Redacted” in the redaction box or you want to find all documents that were redacted by John Doe. Use the RedactionText field for those searches. Look for the text itself and the user name…

redactiontext:”jdoe” OR redactiontext:”redacted”

Finally, most sites also have a field called RedactionStatus. That is a field that is not automatically updated. In other words, it relies on user input. So, if a document needs a redaction, the user will typically mark it as “RedactionNeeded”. That way, if the redactions are done by a different group of people, they can quickly search for the documents that need redacting and proceed with redacting them.


It often contains the value “RedactionComplete” to indicate a completed redaction, but don’t rely on that because a user can easily forget to mark that value. Rather, rely on HasRedactions to find the completed redactions.

For more on Redacting documents, see the manuals on our Support Site.